Outland 1000 Diamond Wire Saw

This ROVQUIP Diamond Wire saw was designed to be fitted to an Outland 1000 ROV as part of a pipe removal decom project.


It had to be able to float through an 18.5″ restriction conductor pipe and perform a cut on the 4.5″ Horizontal pipe.


The tool is surface fed hydraulic power and is guided into the cut with the ROV. The pilot uses the ROV thruster to push the cutter through the pipe.

Pressure: 1,450 [psi] (100 Bar)
Weight: 8 [kg]
Oil Flow: 3-20 [L/min]

(from the below image)

Length: 490 mm

Breadth: 91 mm

Height: 405 mm

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Ref: Outland 1000 Diamond Wire Saw

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