ROV Skids

ROV skids can be used to for fluid injection and BOP shutdown as well as other configurations can be developed. Connected via Hot Stabs.

IHPU & Dirty Work Packs

IHPU’s and Dirty Work packs can be used to provide additional auxilliary power for use with ROV’s. These units are very versatile and have many applications.

Cleaning Tools

ROV Cleaning tools can be water jetting units, cavitation blasters and brushes. These can be used in a variety of applications.

Cutters & Grinders

Rovquip have developed a number of cutting and grinding solutions for use with ROV’s. Incorporating cutting and grinding blades as well as diamond wire.

Compensators & Reservoirs

Compensators and reservoirs are used for fluid handling and pressure compensation during subsea applications.

General Tooling

Rovquip have developed an number of tools for a variety of subsea applications. Additional tools can be designed on request.

Topside Equipment

Rovquip have developed complimentary topside equipment including HPU’s and fluid transfer systems.

ROV Components

Rovquip can supply ROV control valve packs and thrusters for a variety of applications.

Dredging Units

ROVQUIP offer a range of compact, powerful ROV dredging / mass flow units from 3″ up to 12″ suitable for subsea excavation…