The AUXROV system completes cables excavation with the T4000

James Fisher Excavation recently selected the AUXROV system to power their T4000 tool and assist with a cable excavation project in the med. Due to the operational depths being up to 400m the AUXROV was used to provide hydraulic power at tool and control the heading for the T4000 during deployment, operation and recovery. By having the AUXROV mounted on the T4000 we eliminate hydraulic loses and use the vehicle thrusters and sensors to control the heading. All hydraulics from the AUXROV are proportionally driven from an intelligent valve pack therefore we were starting the excavation on low pressure and ensuring the pressure was built up to a point where the client was comfortable with the forces being applied. 

With direction from the James Fisher team who are industry leaders in excavation the project was completed successfully and the cable fully exposed for the next phase of inspection and repair.